Republican District 35

Republican District 35

Republican District 35 Republican District 35

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Frank Esposito

My background

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps. 

Retired Maryland State Trooper after serving 25 years and currently serving in the Criminal Justice System for our great State. 

Serving Cecil County and Harford County for over 37 years. 

Married to my wife Mary, with three children and seven grandchildren.

Former President of the Maryland Troopers Association for Harford and Cecil Counties.

Former Chairman of the Maryland Troopers Association Public Relations Committee lobbying in Annapolis for better pay, benefits and working conditions. 

Community support and involvement with "Toys for Tots" and "Shop with a Cop".

Chaplain in the Cecil County Detention Center.  

Our top issues

  • A Team of fiscal and social conservatives who will ensure fiscal responsibility with your tax dollars! We will tirelessly work to ensure that Cecil and Harford County gets their fair share of funding that is distributed out of Annapolis.
  • Improve school security to protect our children.
  • Initiate a plan to reduce crime and the epidemic of opioid use and other dangerous drugs in our State by improving drug education and prevention in our schools. Ensuring that our citizens who are in bondage with addiction get the rehabilitation they need to become productive members of society. We will partner with the Sheriff's Department, State Police, Cecil and Harford County Task Forces and all allied agencies to accomplish this mission. 
  • Stand strong and responsible on our 2nd Amendment right. 
  • Fight to reduce tolls.
  • Assist our local Dairy farmers
  • Improve Police/Community Relations and support our fire and EMS personnel.
  • Work with our business leaders, create opportunities and jobs by becoming more business friendly and reducing unneeded regulations. 
  • Improve the quality of life for all especially the poor, the needy, the hungry and the homeless.
  • Provide additional resources for our veterans and seniors.
  • Provide day care resources for single parents.
  • Work to acquire affordable health care for all.
  • Continue to clean our environment and provide animal welfare.
  • Work with all members of the General Assembly and our County government for the common good.

Are you thriving or just surviving?

Our great State is in need of strong and competent leadership. We are requesting that together we "BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS" and stand together as one voice to be heard loud and clear in Annapolis finding common ground for the common good. During this past mid-term election, we have participated in many meetings with government officials and business leaders. We continue to encourage you to take part in the process and contact us on what is important to you. We will be back drafting legislation on feedback that the people provide and keeping you up to date by posting our progress via social media. Please follow us and consider joining our Team.  

IT IS TIME TO "BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS"  during this election year. Lets place politics aside and avoid political boondoggling.

Let us stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one mind, one vision, one goal, one voice.

Support Frank Esposito, a God-fearing Conservative Republican.   



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Drop us a line!

Better yet, let us meet and discuss your concerns.

I would love the opportunity for you to get to know me and my extensive background and discuss how we can be "STRONG AND COURAGEOUS"  making the quality of life better in Cecil County, Harford County and across our great State.

Are you thriving or just surviving?


Please contact me and set up a "one-on-one" or organizational meeting.